Saturday, October 27, 2007


  1. Best Geezer in Costoom (cat over 10 yeers old)
  2. Best meezer in a costume
  3. Best Bun Costoom
  4. Hottest and spiciest Spicy Vixin costoom
  5. Best Handmade Costoom
  6. So Cute it's Scary Costoom
  7. Best NOMSS (not of my species speshul frend) costoom
  8. FOS award for best FOS member costoom (voted on by FOS members)
  9. The Nitro-S.-Pierce-Suk-up-to-the-Contest-Organizers Award
  10. The Make-Me-Ware-Anything-but-a-Smile and I'll-Skratch-Yer-Frikkin-Eyes-Owt Award for the best Photoshopped entry
  11. The Smells Like Teem Spirit Award for the best teem costoom
  12. The Vishus Deer Award of Terror for the scariest costoom
  13. Viewers' Choice Award for Best Costoom (voting held on Oct 29/30)

passwerd: halloween2007

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KitKat said...

It's Parker by a landslide!