Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We have winners!

Monty Q Kat's "So Kyoot It's Scary" award goes to Bogdan!
Dragonheart's "Best Homemade Costoom" award goes to Trixie the Mummy!

Winners have been deesdided for all but one of the categories.... so the winners so far are....

The Viewers' Choice Award for Best Costoom:
Winner: DaisyMae Maus
Runners Up: Dragonheart and Daisy the Pink Lady
Honorable Menshun: Persephone

FOS award for best FOS member costoom:
3-way tie:

  • Daisy the Pink Lady,
  • Boogers/Fido/Hondo, and
  • Calvin
DaisyMae Maus' Best Geezer in Costoom (cat over 10 yeers old):
Miz Allie the Cat (Pretty Witch of the West)

Simply Simeeze's Best Meezer in a Costoom:
1st Place: Storm & Castle's Bride of Meezerstein;
2nd Place: Baby Mao

Fiona Bun's Best Bun Costoom:
1st place: El Diablo Bunny Rabbie
2nd place: HallowJaiJai
3rd place: Bun Halloween

Rocky's the Gutter Cat's Hottest and Spiciest Spicy Vixin Costoom
Winner: Sophie
Runner-up: Bathsheba
Honorable Menshun: Fiona Bun (wiggul dat tale, gerl!)

Karl's Best NOMSS (not of my species speshul frend) Costoom:
Baby Mao as the skunk

The Nitro-S.-Pierce-Memorial-Suk-up-to-the-Contest-Organizers Award:
Finnegan (as Skeezix!)

The Smells Like Teem Spirit Award for the best teem costoom:
Samoa, Gleek and Rocky

The Vishus Deer Award of Terror for the scariest costoom:
Adan the Vishus Deer

The Make-Me-Ware-Anything-but-a-Smile and I'll-Skratch-Yer-Frikkin-Eyes-Owt Award for the best Photoshopped entry:
Winner: Karl the Flying Pumpkin
Runners Up: Luxor the Goth and Storm the Furry Fighter

'Tude Award for Best Demonstrayshun of Cattitude:
Baggy the Devil

Monty Q's So Cute it's Scary Costoom:
Bogdan the Chikkin

Missy and KC's Award of Courage:
Goes to Miss Peach

Still awaiting the annownsmint of the winners of Dragonheart's Best Handmade Costoom.

It will take a few days to git all the prizes distribyooted, so pleeze bare with me. If yoo wun a prize frum one of the other sponsers, they will be shipping thare awards to yoo direktly. Thanks to evrywun hoo partisipayted. It was extreemly difficult to judge, and I wish we could have given prizes to evrywun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I don't need much of a costume because I am Halloween! My people are tech dunces and did not add my entry correctly, so it is a little late. I hope you will forgive me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Clover the Pumpkin

Clover did not even mind dressing up as a pumpkin this year. All Mommy had to do was scratch her chin a little and she was quite happy. I, on the other hand, was jealous that she was getting all the attention!

We'll have our Halloween post (with both of us in costume) up on Halloween. Come check it out!

Bye for now!
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Buns in Costume

More entries from the BLU group for best bun!

Spicy Vixen Bun in Training

I sure hope my Hot Pink Mae West costume gets me from a Spicy Vixen bun in training to a full fledged Spicy Vixen Bun!

I'm blushing under this brown fun

If not... I can always resort to flashing a little tail...

The End...

And another...

Chillin' & waiting for Lady Lagomorph

Fiona Bun

Alice (I'm not fat) as a Pig

This handmade Pig costume fits 20 pound Alice quite nicely.

She thinks that she is a little kitty
and takes offense if one refers to her size!
Alice's Catster site is

Not So Wicked Witch China Cat

My Lap Lady tried really hard to get a costume on me
so I finally gave in.

OK, I also got to have quite a few
delicious Temptations!
And honestly, after the 49,000th picture
I really didn't mind that witch hat.
I actually fell asleep wearing it!
Happy Halloween to Everycat!
My blog is at

Tigger as a Frootbat

Mom had to bribe me with Temptations to pose for these pictures!
I am Tigger the Footbat!
Here I am clinging to the Gizzy Quilt ceiling in my house!
Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Ribbit Ribbit Eliot

I didn't want to dress up for Halloween, but since the beautiful Lucy entered the contest, I decided to make an entry (to try to impress her)!

Happy Halloween!

-Eliot from The Cats Stephens

P. S. I close my eyes in every picture.

Spicy Vixen Mrs. OZ

Mrs. OZ entry.
Believe me, Karl and Emil are as shocked as you are!!!


Hi I'm Abbie! For Halloween I decided to be a ladybug since I am a Pink Lady!

This is the best picture I got. Here's one of me with my antennas on! I hate my antennas.

Happy Halloween!

-Abbie from The Cats Stephens

Tamra Maew Ain't Afraid of no Ghost

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call Tamra Maew!
If it's somethin' weird and it don't taste good
Who ya gonna call Tamra Maew!

I ain't afraid a no ghost
I ain't afraid a no ghost
If you're seein' things and haven't had cat nip
Who can you call Tamra Maew!
An' invisible mouse sleepin' in your bed
Oh who ya gonna call Tamra Maew!
I ain't afraid a no ghost
I ain't afraid a no ghost
Who ya gonna call Tamra Maew!
If you're all alone pick up the servants phone
And call Tamra Maew!

I ain't afraid a no ghost
I hear they like to spook cats
I ain't afraid a no ghost
Who you gonna call Tamra Maew!
Mm…if it's in your bowl
with your stinky gooodness
You better call Tamra Maew!
Bitey makes me feel good
I ain't afraid a no ghost

Don't get caught with no vishus deer…
They're even worse than ghosts!
I think you better call Tamra Maew!
Ooh... who you gonna call Tamra Maew!

Skeezix the Cat

Have a Yabba-Dabba-Doobey Halloween!

Rcoky the Gutter Cat

The Devil Made Me Do It

Okay, vixins: hoo wunts to be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad?

Persephone Frootbat

I'm a FROOTBAT!!!!!!! Aren't these wings beautiful? Aren't I a cute frootbat? I don't really eat froots though. Jack does, sometimes. I like meats! I like tunas and bacons and hamms and salmon sashimis!!! Are there Meatsbats? Can I be a meatsbat, instead?

My Blog is here. Well, Jack's blog that I share with him! But I have my very own Catster profile!!!!

Doctor 'Jack' Doom

Well, since my OTW FAILED at photoshop, here I am, having to wear a real costume again this year. Only this year, she didn't even have the decency to sew me a costume herself, just made a cloak from a silk handkerchief! At least the World is handmade! In fact, she spent a sqillion hours making it from a crumpled bit of cloth and wrapping it forever until it was big enough! But she sucks at getting the continents right....

I'm Doctor Doom, and I'll be your Evil Dictator this evening. The World will be a better place in my paws.

My Blog is here! And here is my Catster Profile!

Ruckus Can't Decide

Am I the Office Shredder?

Or am I Adele Astaire?

Jemima and Tiger Lily absolutely refused to put on any costumes but I thought it might be fun as long as I was allowed to choose my own. So ... I picked it out and let my Daddy help me finalize the costume but I can't decide what I want to call it! Tiger Lily will post a documentary of how I did it as her blog for Monday, 29 Oct 07.

Kashim & Othello not amused...

Aye here we are... actually we did not really want to do an entry 'cause momma saided we had to put clothes on for being able to do a halloween post but then we read the rules ourselfes and we saided hers that there is a CATagory for kitties not wearing clothes too and we maded her do pikshurs for us...

She cheated on us anyway 'cause look what she putted on us, it's humiliating *seeesh*

Othello being acting as a bananer (I think maybe Pixie owuld like this one)

Othello aka Nannerllo

I maded her to put me glasses on 'cause I was so 'barrased...

Here is Kashim with an Frankenstein hat putted on. First momma putted hims a Bunnyears hat on but he insisted on an other hat!!

Kashim aka Frankenshim

Me finks the hat even matches his eyes .... *gg*

We also maded a teem pikshur - here we are dressed up as "the bad wizard brofurs" *boooo*

Be careful and watchout or we will bewitch you all!!

We is Kashim & Othello and our bloggie is at - Thanks for looking at our costumes!

Kat 3 is Avril Lavigne

Lyrics from Kat 3's latest song!
[Chorus - to the tune of Avril's "Girlfriend"]
Hey hey, you you
I don't like your food-treats
No way, no way
I think you need some new ones
Hey hey, you you
I could be your connection

Hey hey, you you
I know that you like treats
No way, no way
I know it's not a secret
Hey hey, you you
I'll give you some Temp-tay-shuns.

Sara, the Damsel not in Distress

Bogdan the Rooster


Siriusly not-so skeery Silly

I'm Siriusly Silly and I'm alright
I don't go out on Halloween night.
I stay in and scare my brothers
And we like to lay and lick each other

Lick it now, Lick it now,
Now, now, now.

When time's right I look for treats
I'd rather have them than ham or meat,
I like salmon and other kinds of fish
Just place it now in my foody dish.

Chew it now, chew it now,
Now, now, now.

I like to run and to play fetch
You'll hardly ever see me wretch.
If I do, my beans hug me,
I hug them back, it's a sight to see.

Hug them now, hug, them now,
Now, now, now.

I like to wear my Halloweeny collar,
It has bats and only cost a dollar.
I look so cute, you don't have a clue
But I think I look better than you.

Look at me, look at me,
Now, now, now.

So go out now, type with your paw
To other brothers of the claw.
Go to the Blogosphere or Skeezit's Place
And enter in the Halloween Race.

Do it now, do it now,
Now now now.

Halloween, Halloween, that's the scene.
Halloween, Halloween, that's the scene.

Diego as a Mariachi Player

Hola, I am Diego and I am a Mariachi player for Halloween. I love to sing and play guitar for the ladies.

China Cat & Willow's New Musical: Wicked Cats

China Cat & Willow are thus far still opposed to actually wearing their costumes. China Cat says since she is 11 she finds dressing up somewhat undignified. Willow doesn't even like being picked up, so trying to dress her up can, and probably will, be painful to her dresser!
So, in case no cat in this house gets dressed up by the deadline, they agreed to the following.....
Happy Halloween!

Visit China Cat at
Visit Willow at

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ninna, Mama's Wee One

Brahms Lullaby

Lullaby, and good night, with pink roses bedight,
With lilies o'er spread, is my baby's sweet head.
Lay thee down now, and rest, may thy slumber be blessed!
Lay thee down now, and rest, may thy slumber be blessed!

Lullaby, and good night, your mother's delight,
Shining angels beside my darling abide.
Soft and warm is your bed, close your eyes and rest your head.
Soft and warm is your bed, close your eyes and rest your head.

Sleepyhead, close your eyes. mother's right here beside you.
I'll protect you from harm, you will wake in my arms.
Guardian angels are near, so sleep on, with no fear.
Guardian angels are near, so sleep on, with no fear.

By Johannes Brahms

I'm the "sister" of

Luxor - He's the Whitest of Boys

Samantha Black as a Princess

This is my first time to let my Mom put a costume on me! Don't I make a pretty Princess? Do you think I'm Spicy enough for you Rocky?

My blog is at Life From A Cat's Perspective. Come on by and see me sometime!!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!


  1. Best Geezer in Costoom (cat over 10 yeers old)
  2. Best meezer in a costume
  3. Best Bun Costoom
  4. Hottest and spiciest Spicy Vixin costoom
  5. Best Handmade Costoom
  6. So Cute it's Scary Costoom
  7. Best NOMSS (not of my species speshul frend) costoom
  8. FOS award for best FOS member costoom (voted on by FOS members)
  9. The Nitro-S.-Pierce-Suk-up-to-the-Contest-Organizers Award
  10. The Make-Me-Ware-Anything-but-a-Smile and I'll-Skratch-Yer-Frikkin-Eyes-Owt Award for the best Photoshopped entry
  11. The Smells Like Teem Spirit Award for the best teem costoom
  12. The Vishus Deer Award of Terror for the scariest costoom
  13. Viewers' Choice Award for Best Costoom (voting held on Oct 29/30)

passwerd: halloween2007

Kellie The Orange Cat as a Fat Pumpkin

In my last T-13 I indicated to my Mum I didn't want to look goofy, I didn't want to wear a hat and I didn't want to be a fat pumpkin - well, here is the costume she came up with.....

Obviously, my Mum has a listening problem!

She made my costume by taking a babies costume and re-fashioning it by cutting it apart, I appreciate the effort, but I just didn't want to be a fat pumpkin, sigh......

At least I listened to Daisy and remembered to be paid in Temptations for the photo shoot!

Happy Halloween everycat!

My blog is at

TInker Lillly

This is the side view of tinker Lilly You heard of Tinker bell

Tinker Lilly can spred her magic dust and make great things happen

She can even make an old geezer cat fiskey again
she maybe cute but she very spicey beware

see my Blog

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cally and Haley garden gnomes

You never know when a friendly garden gnome may visit your home. Happy Halloween. Please vote for us for the Team Spirit Category. Haley Cat Cally

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cannibal Bellsnickel

Welcome to "Bellz Kitchen" where I try to get all my valuable nutrition to keep my sway belly swaying. Here I am up for a late night snack, Mau haahhahahah! I don't have to worry about the neighbor's dog anymore............or the neighbor! Mau hahhahahhhaa!!!!