Friday, August 31, 2007

Roolz and FAByulus Prizes

If yer entered in the Halloween Costoom Kontest, heer's a badge for yer blog! Voting for the Viewer's Choice Award will be held on Oktober 29th and 30th and the winners will be annownst on Halloween.

The path for the image is:


(NOMSS* frends are welcome)


NEW! Daisy Mae Maus and the feeline Americans will award a FAByulus handmade cat hammock to the best costoomed GEEZER cat (over ten yeers old). The pikcher can be "real" or "photoshopped". Heer is what the fabyulus handmade cat hammock looks like, as modeled by Charmee:

Attention Buns! New Bunny in Costoom Award added!

Diva Kitty, Fiona Bun & Company will award a SaveABunny or Best Friends Bun Sponsership to the best bun costume. Participants can be a member of BLU on Flickr. BLU is the Bunny Lover’s Unite group -- like Catster but for Buns.

Rocky the Guttercat will award a Best Frends sponsership to the hottest and spiciest Spicy Vixin costoom. Yoo need not formally be a Spicy Vixin to enter. Yoo just have to be a hot gerlcat. Rocky is taking applikayshuns for his panel of mancat judges.

Dragonheart will award a hand-crocheted snuggle to the Best Handmade Costoom entry.

Monty Q will award a fabyulus Sock Kitty for the "So Cute it's Scary" category.

Simply Siamese will award prizes to: Best meezer in a costume (real or Photoshopped) AND a special bonus gift pack for our friend with the best meezer impersonation! The prizes will be hand picked by Latte from Siamese Rescue to benefit Meezers in need.

Karl (the Cat Realm) will award the NOMSS Frend Prize to the best NOMSS costoom. Winner gits an NOMSS tee-shert!


WANT TO SPONSER A CATEGORY??? If yoo'd like to promote a Halloween Kontest on yer blog but don't know qwite how to put a kontest together, heer's yer chanse! Sponser a category for this kontest, and promote yer category on yer blog as yer own contest. Yoo have a bilt-in pool of entreez, and all the roolz and stuff are taken care of! Yoo just let me know whut yer category is, what the prize is, and yer done! Point yer contestints heer, and they will not only be elijibul for yer prize, but for all the other prizes as well.


And heer are the rest of the prizes and CATegories for this yeer's Halloween Costoom Contest! Like last yeer, sum prizes will probably be added ad hoc by the judges for costooms that warrant speshul rekugnishun.

UPDATE: Entry dedlinehas bin extended to 11:59pm PT on 10/28
(ixsept for the Stroler and Hallmark awards).


Award: The FOS Award
Prizes: a) A trophy, b) Sponsership of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary cat of yer choice in yer name and c) a prize pak frum the Simeeze Rescue Store.

For FOS members only! Voting will take place in the FOS Groop on Catster, but post yer fotos heer. FOSers are elijibul to win any of theeze prizes, but ONLY FOSers can win the FOS Award. Not a member of the FOS (Frends of Skeezix) Groop on Catster? Join today: it's free! Emale me (skeezix AT skeezixthecat DOT com) to find owt how to join.


Award: The Nitro-S.-Pierce-Suk-up-to-the-Contest-Organizers Award

Prize:A "Skeezy is my Homeboy" "Mao is my Homeboy" "Rocky is my Homeboy" or "Trip is my Homeboy" travel coffee mug.

Last yeer, Nitro S. Pierce bloo away the competishun by pozing in a Skeezix the Cat costoom. Of korse, he wun. This yeer, we'll have a speshul category for cats drest up as eether Skeezix the Cat, Mao, Rocky the Gutter Cat or Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat.


Award: The Make-Me-Ware-Anything-but-a-Smile and I'll-Skratch-Yer-Frikkin-Eyes-Owt Award

Whirlybird Cat Toy (or replacemint berdies)

Aknowledjing that not evry cat is up for waring costooms, this prize will be awarded to the best entries that have been dijitally manipyulated to put da costoom on da cat. DIGITALLY MANIPYOOLATED FOTOS ONLY.


Award: The Hallmark Hall of Fame Award
Prize: $25 Shutterfly Gift Sertifikit

Last yeer, qwite a few of the entreez wood have made purrfikt greeting cards. This award is for the entry that is postcard purrfikt and reddy for Hallmark.



Award: The Smells Like Teem Spirit Award

Prize: Trophy for the teem and a kyoot Feline Fashionista owtfit for eech winning teem member

This award goze to the best teem theme entry. For ixzampul, dressing up as Batman, Robin, Catwoman, the Pengwin and the Joker.


Award: The Vishus Deer Award of Terror
Acknowledging that yoo may scare yerself so bad yoo'll wanna puke, the prize is the vary handy "Cuidado Vomito de Gato" sine (one of wich gits used a LOT at owr howse), a can of Mao & Rocky's Vishus Deer Repelunt and a VDR bumper stikker and buttun.

Awarded for the most terryfying costoom.


Award: The Rocky Ann Pimp-My-Stroller Award

Prize: Sponsership of a Best Friends Animal Sanctuary cat in yer name and a Pimp-my-Stroler fun pak. AND, my best frend Rocky Ann herself is donayting two sets of stroller lites to the winner!

Inspired by my best frend Rocky Ann's elaborut stroller dekerayshuns, this award will be given to the cat whooze stroller is best dekerayted for Trikker Treeting. No Photoshop allowd.


Missy and KC's Award of Courage Prize --- a beautiful, Victorian Style Pillow made with an applique and pretty, girlie trim



Viewers' Choice Award for Best Costoom
Prize: Trophy and Sumthing Fabyulus TBD

Top vote-gitter.



Halloween Costoom Contest Roolz:

  1. Add yer entry as a blog post heer (
    -- Username:
    -- Passwerd: halloween2007.
    --- Yoo must put yer name in the Title line, and
    --- BE SHUR TO PROVIDE A LINK TO YER BLOG OR CATSTER PROFILE AT THE BOTTUM OF YER ENTRY (so we can contakt yoo abowt yer prizes).

  2. Yoo do not need to spesify yer category. All entries will be considerd for prizes in all appropriate categories. But, feel free to deeskribe yer entry in any way yoo like.

  3. Feel free to add poetry, hi-koo, myoosik, videeyo or anything else that mite git yoo notist by the judges.

  4. Dijitally manipulayted (ie Photoshop) fotos are akseptuble IXSEPT in the Pimp-my-stroler category. However, appreesheeating how hard it can be to poze in a costoom, cats hoo are akshully waring the costooms will generally have a slite edge over photoshopped costooms. One prize is reezerved excloosively for the best Dijitally manipulayted entry.

  5. For most entries, the dedline is 11:59 pm on 10/28. But for the Pimp-my-stroler award and the Hallmark Hall of Fame Award, the dedline is 11:59 pm on 10/21 (because yoo'll wunt yer prizes beefore Halloween).

  6. Voting for the "Viewer's Choice" award is by populer vote. Voting gidelines will be published on my blog as well as the contest site. Voting for all other categories will be by a selekt panel of judges.

  7. No cat can appeer in more than one individual entry but may also submit one teem entry and one stroler entry. In other werds, any cat can have up to three entries: an individual entry, a teem entry, and a stroler entry.

  8. ELIJIBILITY: Any cat who has a blog or is a Catster member is elijibul. In addishun, NOMSS frends may enter (for ixzampul, Titus, Fiona, Roxy, Gloria, Lucky) if they have a blog or Dogster ID. All living cats in any howsehold may enter.

  9. I can chanje the roolz anytime I wunt becuz it's MY contest!TM

  10. The winners (ixsept for the Stroler and Hallmark categories) will be announced on Halloween. The Stroler and Hallmark winners will be annownst 10/22.