Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 Carolina Cats' STroler Entry

We had lots of fun pimping owr stroller, then I (Grady) got to go owt for the first Halloween praktiss strole!!

Detales to note:

* Rode kill mousies hanging off sides - good for skaring away Vishus Deers and other nite critters

* Scary cats all acrost the front to show what is coming towards you

* Little punkins and skeletons and BOO!

* Glow in the Dark orinch circles on the weels - for visibility

* Punkin and skeleton hed hubcaps

* Big plastik punkin hed for collecting treets in!

* Lite-up lites for showing off the cat inside

* Scary ghostie wind sock

View from the reer - lots of scary bats & BOO!!! werds & Cool Cat lisense plate

Slowing down for the speed bump wile strolling - I'm a good driver and I don't speed!!

Big drooly drooler we met wile owt strolling. He din't scare me, I sniffed his nose!

Pleez vote for us!


Buddy & Grady the Stroller Pimpers from 2carolinacats


Lux said...

Great pimping of the stroller! I especially like the "rode kill mousies hanging off sides ..."

Junior said...

Great stroller! Meowm used to have one of those type of drooly droolers!

Ariel said...

Great job love the mousies so funny.

Anonymous said...

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