Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tigger as a Frootbat

Mom had to bribe me with Temptations to pose for these pictures!
I am Tigger the Footbat!
Here I am clinging to the Gizzy Quilt ceiling in my house!
Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


Lux said...

How did you *do that, Tigger? You'll have to teach me!

Alasandra said...

Luv your costume Tigger. You make a very good Frootbat.

~Scylla & Charybdis

Caesar and Princess said...

You are very very good at the ceiling clinging! WOW we are completely impressed!
You are a very cute frootbat

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good trick clinging to the ceiling Tigger. You are the cutest Frootbat we have ever seen.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie

Junior said...

And you are even haging upside down like a bat! Wow, that is great!!!!!

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

We love how you are hanging upside down Tigger!! That's great!

Irishcoda said...

We think your costume is too kewl!